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Find Log Home Builders in Bryson City, NC | My Bryson City Log Homes

The Legacy Log Home Builder Gallery

This sampling of random photos is only a small fraction of the Construction and Finished Galleries at our main Legacy Homes web site.

Ready to Build a Log Home in Bryson City?

Legacy Homes, a local builder has the passion and expertise to build a quality log home your family will enjoy for generations.

Legacy Log Homes

Whether you like to fish in the Tuckasegee River, hike the trails of the Smokies or just boat around Fontana Lake—Bryson City is a solid match for you. The only thing left is the log home you've dreamed of and Legacy Homes is here to get you started.

As inhabitants of the local community, Legacy's team members have spent a lifetime mastering the art and craftsmanship required to build fine log homes. We are highly experienced in meeting the unique challenges and placement requirements to build successfully in the mountainous terrain that is so unique to Bryson City and the forest beyond. Once we've finished, you'll have the kind of home that can be passed down from generation to generation of your family.

Legacy Homes is active with the North Carolina Homebuilder’s Association ( Our founder, Ben Bergen currently serves as an NCHBA board member in Jackson County

Our method for building quality homes can be explained easily. We strive to exceed code without overbuilding. When it comes to craftsmanship, building homes isn’t just a job for us. It’s our life’s work, our calling, our passion. For instance, our in-house framing and trim crews are two separate, independent teams with specialized skill sets. Our framers are experts who ensure structural integrity, while trim crews understand what it takes to add detail. By allowing our people to focus on specialized tasks, you can rest assured that fine craftsmanship is applied to every inch of your home.

Major log home manufacturers choose Legacy Homes again and again. Legacy has completed  intensive training programs with companies like like Gastineau Log Homes, Honest Abe Log Homes and Honka—three of the foremost log home manufacturers in the world. We’ve completed their programs and our log homes have passed their inspection with high marks.

We don't just construct log homes in Bryson City. We also specialize in vacation homes and home renovation. Feel free to visit our main Legacy Log Home Builders web site to learn more.

Contact Legacy Log Home Builders

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments using this quick and easy form.

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